Our Services

Emergency Shelter

For victims/survivors of domestic violence and their children who need a temporary place to stay in order to be safe.

Basic Necessities

We provide food, personal care items, clothing, diapers, and laundry facilities. We have access to donated clothing for those residents who arrive with only what they are wearing.

An Emotionally Supportive Environment

domestic-abuse-help-1The shelter offers a nonjudgmental atmosphere where residents can plan their future. Staff, volunteers and other residents listen to them, encourage them, believe in them, and let them know they are valuable people who do not deserve abuse.


Many survivors are in crisis and benefit from crisis counseling. Other issues may arise while staying at the shelter that may require additional crisis counseling. Individual counseling is also available to non-residential residents. Individual counseling is obtained as requested in order to process specific needs and plans during the shelter stay.

Support Groups

Residents and nonresidents are supported in their decisions to make changes in their life goals and lifestyles in a group format. During the adult support group, the focus is on empowerment. We also offer a support group for the non-offending caregivers of children who are seen through our Child Advocacy Center. Each survivor has the opportunity to receive education about the dynamics of domestic violence, sexual trauma, and child abuse.


The staff work on behalf of survivors to assist them in regaining their safety and security.  This can include supportive activities such as accompanying survivors to court, assistance with filling out victim compensation forms and benefit applications, or assisting a survivor in locating safe, affordable housing.


We assist survivors by providing information regarding free or low cost health, medical, housing, or legal services that may be available in the community.

Children’s Services

The children of shelter residents are provided structured activities in the form of planned recreation and developmental activities. Shelter staff provides individual counseling and support group experiences to children who are beyond the age of infancy and toddler. Children benefit from their parent’s involvement in the parenting groups while at the shelter. Shelter staff utilizes every opportunity to model appropriate interaction with the children. Services are offered to non-resident children.


Non diagnostic trauma counseling/crisis intervention therapy is provided to individuals who are dealing with issues arising from the trauma they have suffered in their lives. If the therapist discovers the individual is in need of diagnostic therapy or may need medication, then referrals will be made to the appropriate service provider.

Get Help

If you a resident of York, Chester, or Lancaster counties and are experiencing domestic violence, please call Safe Passage at 1-800-659-0977.

If you live outside these counties, please call the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence at 1-800-799-7233 or visit www.ncadv.org.

If you are a resident of York or Union counties and have experienced sexual abuse, please call Safe Passage at 1-800-659-0977.

If you live outside these counties, please call the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network at 1-800-656-4673 or visit www.rainn.org.

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